Monday, July 05, 2010
*-U@shine 4th July: Street Magic-*

Have you seen "CLOSE-UP" Magic?

I Did and was amazed by the street magicians and mentalist.

They are just freaking me out !!! Met A few friends on Facebook and if you want to catch more street Magic, you can go tohttp://streetmagicsingapore.blogspot.com/

Below are photos taken at U@Shine on 4th July at Plaza Sing. You may have caught them in action on the street !!!!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009
*-Monday 09 Nov 2009, 下雨天-*

今天, 我又听到他的消息。 我以为他不会再引响我的生命, 但是我错了。 他还是。。。。。

我一听到有关他的消息, 我就会想到他的存在。 我不是真正的快乐。

如果有一天我看到你的话, 我不知道我会如何!

每一天, 我不知道我到底是不是真正的快乐。

我再也不认识我自己, 我到底是谁!

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Monday, November 02, 2009

I am writing this blog while i am having my corporate advisory class. i am trying to listen but i am having a headache. Gosh, it took me ages to blog about my life now.

I went to HK on my study break which i am supposed to be mugging for my exam but i went away. My group members were in the midst to kill me for disappearing from SG. But, the trip was okay only cos there was a slight drama happened. My parents are simply too tired to walk further and thus, we did not go to too many places but instead just stay in the city. Never buy a lot of clothings - no more new collection for now. But, i will find other things to sell. Check out my fun moments in HK.

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Monday, August 31, 2009


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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beloved dear - Joyce guo......

i-promise unite !?!?!?!?!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009
*-Frequent posting on my blog-*

I guess i am too free that i am starting to blog more frequently. I dont know why but it is simply too tired of working. Why dont i feel happy at all? Me realli thinking too much which makes me unhappy. Not thinking of stupid things but in fact lazy to get things done. I do have a lot of work especially radio work to do. But, i am simply too tired and hack-care.

Completely losing the hope and love for radio. Why am i suppose to do now?!!!?!?!?!?!?!?

Only when i am alone or no one to talk to, i will think of finding you. But, you will only treat me as invisible. Maybe i did not exist before. Cant i get some care and concern from someon?! why am i so irritating and unhappy? <<>>

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009
*-Going back to do Radio work-*

Everything is over. My event has been completely done last friday. I felt a bit lost now becos i dont know what i shld do. Kinda of lost my direction of life. haha. Me need to find a new direction already.

Bernice gave me a new nickname: "A girl who cannot take out her contact lens". Yes, i couldnt take out my contact lens and had to see a doctor to confirm that the lens did fall out itself. My mother was so worried that she kept calling me to ask if i have any needle-pinning feeling in my left eye. And thinking of operation again, i will kill myself. Thank goodness, the len fell out lor.

Me went to help out commencement the next day after Graduates' Night. Saw my friends graduated was rather happy yet worried. One and a half year more, will my parents be proud of me? Did i ever have any achievements?

This is going to be my last month at work. I think i got a feel of what auditing is about but more need to be done on my part. Need to study hard and know my accounting knowledge by hard (heart). A lot of things do require your own knowledge as well as your intitative. Now, i really wonder if i should even take up audit as my future job after taking to my manager. she already concluded that audit job is not suitable for me which i agree too.

Then what kind of job is suitable for me? Can i ever find a job i truely like? I Feel that i am too nosiy and slacking too much. Need to work hard and stop falling asleep at work. Felt so bored and nothing can be as bad as NOW! hack it lah. I will be gone soon. hehehe :)

I am gonna say this but i dont feel like doing any radio work. My passion and energy which i used to have seems to have been gone. But, definitely not going to the extent that i feel that this is a burden to me. And a few more weeks, i have to go back to school and faced those exam and grade pressure. I doubt i can even graduate with a cum laude.

One word to describe my life NOW! SUCK!

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